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We are Pregnya Digitals “Offering a wide range of Digital Services which helps your business grow digitally. Our Services include Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Google Ads (PPC), Business Research and Analytics, Brand Promotion, Photography, Video Editing etc

A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve desired ends. You have ideas, goals, and dreams. We have a culturally diverse, forward thinking team.

We Offer Digital Marketing Services

Having Mentioned about the services above, we as an organisation & team are completely oriented towards client satisfaction which becomes our sole mission. 

Our Strategy


Pregnya Digital is the top notch agency when its comes to SEO, enhancing the website ranking position and design which generates traffic

Digitally Specific

We as a Digital team Implement best advertising campaigns and strategies which dervies the output required for the business resulting in ultimate growth


Prepare the required list of things and time report (whether it could be a post or video), Choose the social media plaform, analyse dynamics & relase into target Market. Hurray ! Finally its a SMM Strategy in reverse chronological order


Understanding complete dynamics, marketing trends, insights, Audit reports, which ultimately results in Optimisation of your business digitally

Brand Promotion

When it comes to Influencer marketing/Online marketing/Social Media Marketing , its all about brand promotion. We Analyse the business and give best suitable services to promote your brand 


Identifying strengths, Weakeness, Opportunities and Threats/Complications of any business is our key strategy 

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Pregnya Digital Have helped me to create an online presence for my business. thanks to the pregnya team !!!

I was in a dilemma about my business i.e taking my business into social media, that is when I came to know about "Pregnya Digitals" their SMM strategy helped my business to grow online.

Iam a Beauty Products business owner, I have been searching for an person who is capable of promoting my business/products digitally, one of my friends suggested "Pregnya Digitals" the team is very cooperative, they helped my business by "Social Media Optimisation" strategy.

I have approached pregnya digitals for the purpose of brand promotion and lead generation , and guess what ? within no time i received financial growth and now my brand is well noted in the city !!!

General FAQs

We have an expert team who are proficient in SEO, SMM, PPC/Adwords, SMO all the services we provide are best, however we suggest our services based on client busines analysis and requirement

A/B Testing also known as Spilt testing, Separate your ads to analyse which will perform better based on certain parameters

Yes, We have Experience in dealing with business campaigns of all sizes be it a startup or MNC

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, In general terms it is process of making your website rank on top position in google search engine

Yes, Ofcourse We analyse each and every business and our experts provide best digital marketing approach 

Keeping all the other parameters in viewpoint, SMM Strategy is the best for Creating user enagaging content, which results in a new trend creators and becoming a trend setter

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